In the museum of the Sugar cane brandy you will have the chance of knowing countless curiosities related to the labels of the sugar cane brandies and to the own sugar cane brandy. You will see:

  • The Monjopina - 1st Liquor Industrialized in Brazil (1756)
  • Original Pitu and its several imitations
  • Sugar cane brandies of Women
  • Sugar cane brandies of Soccer
  • Cachaças with people's names
  • Colored Sugar cane brandies
  • Cachaça made from hemp
  • Cachaças with sexual appeal label
  • Cachaças with name of Films
  • Cachaças with political themes
  • Cachaças with television themes
  • Cachaças with insects names
  • Cachaças with names of cars
  • Cachaças with names of snakes
  • Sugar cane brandies of musical themes
  • Cachaças with saints' names
  • Personalized sugar cane brandies (companies, graduation,...)


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